#Zenywhere and GGYM Studios...

I love feeling the freedom of movement, and since recovering from my back injury and the breaks to my shoulder and wrist last year, I appreciate the freedom of movement that much more.

I also love meditation, afterall it saved my life when I was at my most suicidal.

I feel incredibly honoured and privileged to coach people to move and meditate to improve wellbeing with my community based classes.

Did you know that as a member you have access to online resources too with Zenywhere Studio and GGYM Studio.

The GGYM (Go Get You Moving) studio is a video library of various individual movements to practice outside of the classroom, in addition to a range of other exercises which can help support the work we do on the mat, because when it comes down to it I am passionate about helping people to be more active and that doesn't stop when you walk out the class room door, it is something you engage in daily. So when you're not on the mat there is nothing to stop you from staying active at home.

The Zenywhere studio is currently being worked on, and I'm so excited and really looking forward to the completion of it.

As I mentioned I love meditation, its a key part of my own daily practice as the thing that helps maintain my own inner mental and emotional balance, and it's fully integrated into the classes too.

To help people continue engaging in the practice of meditation anytime and anywhere I've created Zenywhere!

Available to members, in the Zenywhere studio members will be able to access and enjoy meditation practices of all kinds to practice...well anywhere, with meditations lasting from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes available so that no matter how much free time folks have free or not during the day there is always time to quickly log in and practice. In a previous life as a support worker when things got stressful for me 5 minutes in the toilet taking a few deep breaths was an absolute rescue from having a mental breakdown.

The GGYM Studio is already available to members, and the Zenywhere Studio will be available later this week with a small selection of meditation practices to start with and over time we'll build them up.

So sign up or subscribe and I'll let you know when it's up and ready to go.

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