Rewards For Getting Active

Getting active can be such a rewarding experience, it leaves you feeling more energised, more mobile, in less pain with muscles and so much more.

For us this wasn't enough, we wanted to make getting active with us a more rewarding experience which is why we introduced Move Points.

Move Points are our way of help you to keep motivated and seeing how much you have and continue to achieve in black and white. When we first set up the Move Points addon we had a leader board where you could see yours and everyone else's points.

However we weren't quite happy with this.

To make it more of a personal experience we are now awarding Move Points as a Badge on your profile, so no matter where you are logged in to the members area you can see how many Move Points you have earned for the week.

In the picture you will see the blue 150 Move Points badge on my own profile.

In addition to this starting from the 5th August for a 4 week period you will earn 4 badges each with your Move Points for each week. It's a great way to see your own progress and whether you need to make any changes. Our plan later this year will be to provide a reward for people who show progression towards 150 or more Move Points, as well as rewarding people who have done a great job at maintaining 150 points over the 4 weeks.

There is a lot more we will be doing around our Move Points system, so keep an eye out for those.

In the meantime keep attending your classes and earning those Move Points.

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