Reducing Suicide in Gay Men

As a Gay Man myself I am so acutely aware of how simply being Gay can have a significant impact on mental health. When began to realise that I was Gay I suffered with my own mental health which I have spoken about previously in another post HERE.

I am so grateful that I had been able to tap into my own inner resilience and win the battles with my demons.

This isn't the case with all Gay or Bisexual Men.

With support and thanks to NHS Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria I now have the opportunity to do something about this by running BroFlow. This weekly class will run for 4 months and provides a safe space for Gay and Bisexual Men to come together and get involved in practicing Mindfulness and Movements from our Flow class. You'd be forgiven for being unsure how this would help Gay and Bisexual Men who might be suffering from the level of stress and other mental health problems which may lead to suicide.

Paul talking at the Go Get You Moving event about his experience of depression and suicide

Part of what I do in the classes is to be open and authentic about my own experience of being gay and about my own mental health journey, something that comes quite easy to me. In addition to this as it's a class only for Gay and Bisexual men it means that the guys involved can feel safe together with other guys and with myself as their peer. Lastly for anyone who knows me they will tell you that I don't run the classes like a regimented drill sergeant, they are always light hearted, we have a laugh and people can go at their own pace, so there's always a strong social element to it too in addition to the actual slow, focused and controlled movements of the exercises combined with the inclusion of meditation which helps provide an opportunity to create some head space, to help guys realise that there are always other options to deal with the challenges of life as a Gay or Bisexual Man other that self-harm and suicide.

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