Paul Shanahan, Blackpool

Leader's Clubs: QI-DO, Walk and Run

Where: Blackpool, Lancashire

Why did you want to be a leader?

I set up the charity back in 2013 because I'd already learned mindfulness as a way of helping improve my own health and achieved my teaching qualification in 2010, I wanted to help others learn the same approach. Over the years I've qualified in Tai Chi and Qigong which I developed into an interval training practice called QI-DO. More recently I qualified in 2020 as a Leader in Running/Walking Fitness.

I believe that a combination of getting active in a way that helps you engage more fully with the present moment, with your body and mind is the best way to get and stay active. For me this has had tremendous benefits for my mental health as well as aided me to recover from my back injury and broken arm.

What's your favourite way to get active?

Well I love the outdoors, being out in nature for me is a very healing experience, and practicing QI-DO or even going for a walk or run with my dog out in a natural and green environment for me does wonders for my whole being.

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