Off the beaten path

Like everyone I am registered with a GP practice. I go to my GP whenever I'm not well, generally it has be be serious enough for me to go too.

Never did I expect to be running my own clinic at my GP Practice!

It all started after joining the Adelaide Street Family Practice's Patient Participation Group on Facebook.

I got to see a little more of what was going on, and as you do I introduced myself as a patient and what my occupation is.

A little bit further down the line, I think this was in the Facebook group too, I get asked about working with the practice as part of a Patients Helping Patients project. I eagerly said yes, and after discussions and a meeting with Luan, the practice manager pictured, I am now running my own clinic type appointments with small groups of patients. The appointments are all about talking to other patients who might struggle with Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, conditions that I had and have now recovered from. It's a great way to introduce to people how getting active and meditating can have huge impacts on health and wellbeing, and make living with long term conditions like an back injury much easier.

So now every wednesday morning at the Harris Medical Centre in Marton I have my own room where I can sit and talk to patients and help them explore an option for managing their health that they may not have considered.

I am so grateful to Luan and Adam who also works at Adelaide Street Family Practice, for getting in touch. Go Get You is a charity and I gain such a huge amount from what I do for others, and working with my own GP Practice has opened my eyes to other opportunities for getting out there and helping other people.

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