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On the 26th June at Kilmory Community Centre we held our project launch. I never intended on doing this, I'm one of those people who just get on with things silently in the background. But this year it felt like time for a change.

We were really privileged that Britain's Got Talent 2019 semi-finalists Rosie and Adam, both of whom are local talent here in Blackpool were happy to come along and support our event.

Our project is about helping people to get moving more, and with Rosie and Adam's passion for keeping active it was a perfect match. I was a little star struck when I first met them, but after getting to know them they are such a couple of really down to earth people.

A representative from the National Lottery Community Fund was also able to come and join us and talk a little about their work.

The project we were launching is aimed at helping people in local communities to become more active, taking part in our very own form of exercise, Ko-Do.

Ko-Do, taken from the Japanese Kokoro which means 'Whole Person' and Doteki which means 'Dynamic' our classes are a whole person fitness class, mind and body. Based on the practice of Qigong, inspired by Yoga and incorporating Mindfulness, Resistance Band work and particularly using 3 levels of Interval Training we're offering classes in the Bispham and Marton communities which will help people to achieve or at least work towards that magic number of 150 minutes of exercise each week. Other elements of our project include connecting these two communities together via our online forum, and to encourage people to remain active we've also devised a points based system to help people understand how much exercise they're doing and help them continue doing more based on the NHS guidelines for exercise.

The project is still in it's early days, but I am eagerly looking forward to see people in the Marton and Bispham communities benefit from what we're doing.

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