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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Helping the STAR Mental Health group get active with Ko-Do Flow, Flex and Core

It was an amazing experience

Just recently I had the privilege of going to visit the STAR Mental Health group based at the Claremont Park Community Centre.

I was invited there for the purpose of helping members of the group to take part in a session aimed at helping them to explore how our Ko-Do Flow, Flex and Core classes can help improve both mental and physical wellbeing, and it was a really great session with the group getting involved and even some folks who were their for the first time at the group joined in which was great to see.

For me it was an amazing experience to share what I do with these warm and friendly folks and promote our weekly community based classes at the Kilmory Community Centre in Bispham and Cherry Tree Community Centre in Marton.

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Since then we've had other groups ask about having me run a workshop to share a taster session of my classes with them including Blackpool Smile based at Marton and even the NHS Lancashire Recovery College.

I'm very excited about visiting both of these groups and feel grateful for the opportunity.

The benefits from these classes are many and varied, including better concentration and focus, reducing stress and the illnesses it can lead to, improving overall fitness, joint mobility, and also a way of reducing back pain and improving confidence and self-esteem.

If you or someone you know would be interested in me coming to run a free session, which are only available until the end of September, in your workplace, service or community group with a view to joining our weekly community classes please get in touch and let's get something set up.

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