Exercises to improve knee arthritis

Arthritis can be an incredibly painful condition to live with, and people of all ages can suffer with it for many different reasons, ageing joints, broken bones and more.

Since breaking my shoulder and wrist bones in 2018 I've noticed an increase in the pain and stiffness of these joints, having also been told that because of this I may be more likely to develop Arthritis in these joints.

Well I'm not one to be told that something is inevitable, whilst I may develop arthritis like the 10 million other folks in the UK, it is not going to stop me and I hope it doesn't stop you.

The KoDo classes I run are a core part of what keeps my joints in good condition, despite the damage, and it's something that could help you too, whether you suffer from Arthritis of not.

The exercises below will help you to gain a sense of KoDo practice, but also specifically they will benefit Knee Arthritis.


With feet shoulder width apart, keeping the knees just a fraction bent. If you feel more stable you can hold onto the back of a chair whilst doing this. Bring your weight over on to your right leg, bend the knee a little bit more so that you start moving down making sure that the knee does not come forward of your toes and keeping the left foot firmly on the floor. Then move yourself back to the start weight on both legs, repeating on the other side. You will want to do this 5 times on each side, have a short recovery, 1 to 5 minutes, and then go again. In total you want to repeat the exercise followed by the rest 5 times.

This will help to strengthen the joint and prevent it from becoming stiff and ultimately more painful.

Let me know how you get on by commenting on the post below.

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