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Mind-Body Fitness Classes Run by a Gay Man for Gay and Bisexual Men, For Better Mental and Physical Wellbeing

I'm a gay man, and I know just how challenging life can be as a gay man. It all starts with the stress and anxiety of opening up to those closest to you about your sexuality, and then you're likely to experience abuse, violence and homophobia at home, in your local community and at school, college or work.

For me this had a huge impact on my mental health as it might have done for you. For me it was a significant factor amongst the reasons for wanting to end my life. 

I'm one of the lucky ones, I learned how to beat my mental health problems and thrive as a gay man. 

The BroDo project aims to offer You whether you're a  Gay, Bisexual or Trans man to take part in a practice that will help to inspire confidence, become part of a community, to give depression the boot and keep fit whilst you're doing it

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