Earn points for getting active

The NHS and World Health Organisation recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to maintain your wellbeing. Our memberships allow you to get active at a pace to suit you so that you can build upto 150 minutes or more of exercise per week. For each class you join you also earn Active Points or APs whenever you complete a class or other activity. All members who join any of our clubs can earn Active Points.

What are Active Points?

Active Points is a way to help you meet the basic requirements for time spent active during your week it's also a way to reward you for what can sometimes feel like very hard work getting and staying active whatever your reason for starting might be.


The NHS and World Health Organisation recommend 150 minutes of exercise each week, so we have come up with a programme to help you achieve the basics and more by offering you points for each time you attend one of our classes or other activities.

How Does It Work

Whenever you attend a class, or any of our other events you will need to have your Active Points email which you receive when you become a member, show this to the club leader from either your device or printed copy.


As long as you have pre booked the session and you have this email available with you the club leader will scan the code and log your attendance adding your points to our database.

Each April we're aiming to hold an Active Awards ceremony where your hard work at starting and staying active will be recognised regardless of which club you are a member of.

In the meantime you can check your earned Active Points for each week by logging in and viewing your profile.

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